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Social + sports.


By merging social, sports, and geolocation into one application, Paranoid Fan unites a set of features into what Buzzfeed named as one of the, "Top Startups That'll Make Your Life Easier."

Host Watch Parties

Want to watch the game with your friends and ping other fans in your geolocation to join you? Drop a watch party pin.

Locate Bars

Trying to find a "team friendly" bar? Search our map for thousands of bars around the world to see who is showing your game.

Find Tailgates

Research tailgate spots prior to gameday to get reviews on hot spots and more. Then drop a tailgate pin to invite friends and organize the party.

Venue Maps

Getting around stadiums and venues is a sport in of itself. Access our venue maps to get around quickly.

Celebrity Sightings

Fans want to know where the action is. Use the app to see where celebrities have been spotted, or find them and help other fans by dropping a pin.

Start Partying

Celebrate a big win with friends and other fans in your geolocation by using the "party" pin to keep the experience going post-game.

Paranold Fan Super Bowl 50 Meetup

Featuring Jonah Keri and Robert Mays
February 2016, San Francisco, CA

Paranoid Fan Meetups

Considered by many as the "top sports meetup in the country," Paranoid Fan knows how to throw a party. Want to attend the next one?

Mobilize your fan groups

Our application is a huge hit with fans that are organizing meetups, parties, tailgates and more.

  • Tell your fans the exact location of your event via our GPS pinning technology.
  • Give your fans updates via text, pictures or videos through our geochat-driven pins.
  • Lead a fan or alumni group? Expand your membership by leveraging our network at no cost.
  • Are you a bar or restaurant owner? Drop a pin to tell your patrons about the game watching party and dive more traffic through your front door.

Finalist in NFL TechCrunch
"Future Stadium Category"

"One of the top startups that'll make your life easier"

Interested in our SDK?

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