Paranoid Fan minimizes pain points associated with navigating venues or events.

Live Navigation
Live Navigation

Our mapping ecosystem helps users see everything happening in and around their location.

Find entries, exits, parking, tailgates, food, drinks, merchandise, restrooms, watch parties, bars and even order a car service.

Social Engagement
Social Engagement

Populate content with your own personal experiences. Help mobilize others by sharing wait times, crowd sizes and faster routes to enter the venue. Share photos, videos, location and chat with your friends.

Who We Work With

Live Video Feed

Paranoid Fan is leading the industry with its implementation of live video cameras at fixed locations for any of their SDK and native partnerships. This live video feed is instantly made available upon the selection of a specific point of interest (POI) or a designated live camera emoji.

Engage Sponsors

Our in-app advertising function allows sponsors, entertainers and vendors to place ads and logos within the map.

Local Intelligence

We provide tools and data to our partners to better understand consumers and make business decisions based on real-time patterns and behaviors.

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